Hello and welcome to QY Crashpad. The crashpad is meant to be a virtual safe house for LGBTQ youth. A place to come and see videos by other q-youth and a place to get resources for personal issues you may be dealing with. Wander through each of the rooms to find young video makers who have important stories to tell. Stories the world needs to hear to understand what it's like to be YOUNG, LGBT and of COLOR.


It's important for us to share together get to know one another and find out how to get help to deal with some of the #*!@ that gets flung at us on a daily basis. We hope that these videos will inspire you to love yourself and be proud of who you are and maybe think about telling your story –when you are ready. Together we can take on the world and for now here's a safe place to start.



Each window takes you into a room where a youth video producer waits to greet you. Click on the highlighted people and objects to find more info and to view the videos.

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If you need information about services and resources for LGBT youth in the Los Angeles Area and online, check out the RESOURCES PAGE.


This site has been created by youth for youth at the REACH LA digital arts lab.